Service Features

We provide a fully managed ecommerce service suitable for businesses of any size. We provide everything you need to get started without any hidden cost. We develop a beautiful bespoke website and continuously innovate the platform with new features and functionality without you lifting a finger.

Always Evolving

No more patching or updating. With our unique Evolution Mode your software and website never go out of date, we continuously develop and improve our platform to help our clients grow.

Zero downtime. Zero fuss:

Say goodbye to maintenance pages, with MetaCart we provide Zero downtime deployments allowing changes to be prepared on the server and made live simultaneously.

Next Generation Hosting

Our high availability network provides ultimate reliability. Providing both web and database clusters allow for high traffic volumes without breaking a sweat.


The security of our platform is our top priority. We work around the clock to protect our platform and guard against the most harmful and pernicious threats.


Confidently prepare for your busiest times, We Simulate thousands of users to find the platforms breaking point to ensure for ultimate reliability


MetaCart was designed for performance. We can deliver pages as fast as 250 milliseconds & maintain a 1 second load throughout our network

Feature request, no problem

We love feature requests; they help us develop our platform to make it better for everyone. You can submit unlimited feature requests to us as often as you wish

Websites get outdated, they don’t with MetaCart

Say goodbye to outdated, under performing websites. It’s our mission to ensure that your shop will always be in optimum selling condition. Using the best features, design and functionality on offer.

Dedicated eCommerce Consultant

Our in-house eCommerce consultants provide monthly & quarterly health checks, identifying actionable insights that can be used to increase traffic, sales and conversion.

Enjoy all inclusive pricing that scales with your business


Allows startups and small eCommerce companies to access enterprise level technology

Up to 250K Annual Sales
Plus VAT


As your sales grow so do your resources. Scalling up maintains performance for busier sites

Up to £500K in Annual Sales
Plus VAT


Tested Up to 500 requests per second, great for high traffic sites that could receive spikes

Up to £1.5 Million in Annual Sales
Plus VAT

Complete Feature List

Take the stress out of eCommerce with our managed platform that continuously improves thanks to our unique Evolution Mode.

Product Management

Simple, configurable and Group products
Bookable products with advanced recurring rule sets
Purchasable Gift cards
Highly configurable product attributes
Advanced taxonomies, Brands, Tags and Awards
Upsells, Cross Sell, and related products
Product download attachments
Simple product gallery management
SEO management console for page titles, descriptions & visibility

Order Management

Simple/ Inuitive order management grid
Bulk dispatch and bulk actions
Order grid filtering
Future dispatch filter
PDF Invoices & PDF packing slips
Export parcel force CSV export
Resend order confirmation email
Compatible with any mail server
View customer comments, Gift options
View and create admin notes against each order
Ability to update customer data from order view before dispatch
View transaction data, and response from payment provider

Customer Management

Simple customer creation process
Customer status
Customer groups
Custom group specific pricing
User Groups
Simple address Management
Default delivery and shipping addreses
Order History
Email History
Account funds Management

Gift cards and account credit

Set variable or specific gift card products
Simple gift card management view
Ability for admin to deposit to recipient
View available, spent and total funds against account
Add account credit to customer account

Admin Order Creation

Unique back-end checkout workflow with global back-end Basket
Inline discounts trigger on cart in real time
Ability to apply coupons and discounts
Apply user to basket.Filter by name, postcode or email for existing users
Simple user creation process
Postcode lookup
Add order comments, gift message
Reorder previous order

Shipping Rules

Simple shipping rule configuration
Wild card or specific post code rules
Exclude post codes from Triggering rules
Min / Max weight filters

Content Management

Simple page creation & Management
Simple article / blog post creation & management
Global media management for images and downloads


Global CDN with edge caching
Load balanced high availability server architecture
Load tested and reported
Optimised for 1 second average load
Lightweight application designed to scale


Peneration tested on each deployment
SSL Everywhere
Web Application Firewall
Managed server security updates
Latest libraries and database engines
Deployment by GIT only
Server access via SSH only
Two factor authentication (Comming soon)
Admin user log (Comming soon)

Updates and Deployment

Minimum of 80 hours / month assigned for updates and new features
Zero downtime deployments
Continious deployment
Versions and Change logs


Real time backup of assets on CDN
Real time database backup onto redundant hardware
Continious deployment
Versions and Change logs

Our service gives you all these benefits...

Contionious evolution of front end
Contionious evolution of back end
Shared development timeline
Free user support
Perormance monitoring and maintenance
Dedciated ecommerce consultant
Quarterly strategic review
Business continuity and Disaster recover plans
Load testing
Penetration testing

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We provide a fully managed platform that covers everything you need to run your ecommerce business including hosting, SSL, support, maintenance, security and an ever-evolving ecommerce website in return for a monthly subscription (dependent upon turnover).

How does MetaCart Compare to Magento or Woocommerce?

Open source software such as Magento and WooCommerce is freely available software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. When you use open source software you need to consider everything from design, development, security, functionality, maintenance, performance, hosting and support. In our experience our clients spend over 80% of annual budgets no maintenance rather than improvement. MetaCart includes all of the above and continues to evolve to make you more sales and increase revenue.

Am I locked into a minimum term contract?

The minimum term contract is 12 months after which time you are free to leave if you wish.

How quickly can I get up and running?

Our platform is one of the fastest to market. In some cases, we can get you up and running within a day but generally around a two weeks depending upon the migration process and any custom design / development work you require.

I need some features that are not currently available

We rely on our customers to provide feedback and ideas to make our product better. If we have not listed a feature it could already be in our development pipeline or we may not have identified the requirement. We will review every request submitted and publish our development plan for our customers to review.

What are the limits?

Our platform is unlimited. We want to help you grow so all features are globally available to all users regardless of plan

Who is responsible for information security?

We are primarily responsible for the security of our platform and the data held within it, which includes physical security, infrastructure & application security. We assign considerable budgets to security services and prioritise security over any other development requests. To make our infrastructure more secure we focus upon secure product engineering, secure deployment, end-to-end encryption, vigorous vulnerability testing, internal security auditing and private cloud networks.

When are my payments due?

Your first payment becomes due when we deploy your environment. Payments are calculated Pro Rata and are due on the 1st of each Month in advance. All payments are strictly processed by Direct debit.

How much control do I have over the configuration of my site?

We provide content management facilities to create new products, publish and edit pages and blog posts. You don't have control over the look and feel of your site but we provide all the support you need on request.