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Support Developer

16 hours

£200 /wk

Job Description - 1ST Line Web Support (16 Hours / Week)

Reporting to the Managing Director & Operations Manager

1st Line Web Support you will work alongside a number of support agents to deliver expert website and hosting support to existing customers.

Web Support can include any type of web related support requests, design, development, SEO, security patches and general updates. It can also include small project work up to 16 hours. On occasions there may be IT support requests that should you have the capability to assist with should also be included in the above job role.

The requests will require scoping and definition following the required procedure.

A minimum of 8 hours billable time should be logged each week allowing for 50% down time / unbillable support work.

Main duties of the post:

  • Effective handling of inbound telephone enquiries including:
    • New project requests
    • New and existing Technical support tickets
    • Problem solving when issues arise
    • Hosting technical support
  • Effective handling of support requests detailing issues efficiently for any support agent to follow
  • Dealing with issues in a timely and efficient manner and escalating where necessary.
  • Scoping and estimating requests - ensuring we receive written confirmation when tickets are completed and protocol is followed.
  • Managing assigned tickets and correspondence. Ensuring that all time is approved and customer is continually updated with progress.
  • Ensuring accurate time controls are logged for each request.
  • Ensuring that tickets are assigned correct status and solutions always detailed before setting status to complete.
  • Educating clients about the service-centre for self help.
  • Creating and maintaining service centre FAQs based upon commonly asked questions and consideration into suitable information.
  • Scoping site updates and improvements and presenting to customer.
  • Advise on service improvements and efficiencies.
  • Work together with other support agents to deliver a slick web support operation.

Other Duties

  • Updating and maintaining social channels – Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn with relevant topics such as Web security, Internet news, Magento and Wordpress related tips and tricks, New technology, new services, service updates and outages.
  • Creating blog posts and tutorials – The topics will require prior approval from the Managing Director before any work should commence.

Key performance indicators

  • Minimum of 8 Hours billable time / week.
  • 14+ Hours Accountable time though Time entries.
  • Average ticket response target < 30 mins.